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  1. The EEC Membership is available for a 3 year period and is open to all Generation (Coal, Hydro, Nuclear, Renewables), Transmission, Distribution, Manufacturing, EPC Consultants, Testing, R&D, Academic and Regulatory institutions / organisations / companies.
  2. Membership Fee may be paid through Cheque or Demand Draft in favour of “Excellence Enhancement Centre for Indian Power Sector“ payable at New Delhi.

Membership Fee Structure of EEC:


Type of Organisations

Fees  for 3 years (in Rupees)*


CPSUs/ IPPs/Private Sector Cos /Manufacturers/Foreign Registered Companies etc. (with gross annual turnover of more than 5000 Crs.)

15 Lacs


CPSUs/ IPPs/Private Sector Cos /Manufacturers/Foreign Registered Companies etc. (with gross annual turnover of 5000 Crs. or Less)

State Owned  Utilities (Generation Transmission/ Distribution/Trading) /State Boards/Training Institutes/Research Instituties/ Academic Institutes/Govt. Agencies/Consultant etc.

6 Lacs





1. GST extra as applicable

2. *3 Years period is effective from payment of Membership Fees.


Two Expert Technical Advices / Recommendations for a maximum of 2 day visit in every 3 year period of membership from EEC, experts drawn from CEA, NTPC, STEAG India, Siemens India etc. or EEC Experts Panel subject to the following conditions:

  • Fees of Expert/ organization for a Maximum of 2 days – Responsibility of EEC.
  • Providing To & Fro Economy Air Ticket from base station of expert to the directly linked nearest / Convenient Airport from client station/ site – Responsibility of member organization.
  • To & Fro Local Travel expenses from nearest directly linked Airport to Member’s Power Station/Site premises local travel and Lodging & boarding at client station premises – Responsibility of member organization.


One Expert Technical Advice / Recommendation along with a maximum of 2 day visit in every 3-year period of membership from an EEC expert drawn from VGB Germany or any other foreign company subject to the following conditions:

  • Tie-up of Foreign Expert at discounted fee for a Maximum of 2 days – Responsibility of EEC.
  • Providing To & Fro Economy Air Fare from foreign base station of one expert to convenient Indian Airport of Entry – Responsibility of member organization.
  • All other expenses of the Foreign Expert, including but not limited to consultancy fees on discounted man-day basis from landing in India up to furnishing of Experts Report, To & Fro Travel costs in India by Air,  or AC Car (Taxi), local travel etc. Lodging & Boarding including at intermediate stations and at Clients Power Station/Site premises – Responsibility of member organization.


Participation of One Nominee of the Member Organization in a VGB Workshop/ Conference  in Europe once in every 3 year period of membership, for which EEC shall tie up the discounted fee only for the Workshop /Conference Attendance fees / Registration fees.  All other charges such as travel, visa, boarding & lodging etc. shall be borne by the member organization.

  • Felicitation of the Technical Experts /Member Organizations who have successfully provided Technical Advice /Consultancy and submitted their written reports to EEC and the Client, in the succeeding years’ Annual EEC Congress / Conference.
  • Free or discounted participation fee in international trainings organized by VGB and EEC.
  • Access to fact-finding missions on specific topics such as FDG or Flexibilization of TPS to Germany and neighboring countries.
  • Free technical reports on topics of common interest for EEC member organizations.
  • Speaker slot at several workshops and seminars organized by VGB and EEC.
  • Organization of webinars and live events with high level participants from public and private sector on topic of strategic interest for your company.
  • Free online advise from German experts via VC on any topic of interest (internal note: IGEF able to give contact to VGB, Dornier Group and others for being available for such calls).
  • Any other idea which comes into mind of VGB.
  • Generating business opportunities for leading Indian Power Sector organizations / experts and promoting Peer to Peer Cooperation.
  • Participation of one Complimentary Nominees of members Organization and subsequent participants with a discount of 15% (registration fee) for paid nominees in EEC Annual Congress/Conference/ Workshops and Training Programs in India. 
  • Display of Company Logo during EEC Conferences/ Workshops/ Training programs/Brochures.
  • Full access to EEC website by the Member Organizations and free use of EEC Library as per its rules/guidelines.
  • Access to VGB Guide Lines (conditions apply) which are relevant to India and available with EEC on major aspects of Power Plant operation and maintenance.
  • Discounted availability of EEC’s Technical Studies – e.g. “Compendium of Best Practices for Coal Based Power Plants in Germany” done in collaboration with VGB, Germany.
  • Preference in the Study / Expert Committees of EEC constituted from time to time.
  • Extending invitation to participate in prestigious International Conferences/ Congresses such as the Annual VGB Congress held in Europe and providing assistance and coordination to the Member Nominees. All costs to be borne by the participating organizations/nominees.
  • Extending invitation to participate twice in the relevant VGB working committee meeting in Europe. All costs to be borne by the participating organization/nominees.  
  • Twice participation in a relevant VGB working committee meeting.


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