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Aims and Objectives

  • To become a truly representative voluntary association of the entire Power Sector including Generation (Coal, Hydro, Nuclear, Renewables), Transmission, Distribution, Manufacturing, EPC Consultants, Testing, R&D, Academic and Regulatory institutions.
  • To promote Peer to Peer cooperation between Indian Power Sector Stakeholders.
  • To provide a platform for the top Experts in Power Sector and power plant operators for knowledge exchange and resolving related problems.
  • To share best practices in all areas of power sector and provide broad based expertise.
  • To identify challenges, develop common solutions and initiate joint action plans for power sector.
  • To create a “Technical Discussion Forum” for Indian Power Sector on EEC Website.
  • To promote policy initiatives of MOP, GOI by taking up suggested studies and giving feedback from stakeholders of Indian Power Sector.
  • To facilitate bilateral cooperation in the Indian Power Sector.
  • To engage pro-actively with foreign organizations such as VGB Germany, for Technical knowhow, Expertise, Consultancy, Studies and Reviews.
  • To raise awareness for the need of excellence in Power Sector.

  Activities of EEC

  • Making EEC more broad based by catering to the entire Power Sector including Generation (Coal, Hydro, Nuclear, Renewables) , Transmission, Distribution, Manufacturing, EPC Consultants, Testing, R&D, Academic and Regulatory institutions.
  • Promoting Peer to Peer cooperation by facilitating Expert Technical Advice from leading organizations such as CEA / BEE / NTPC/ PGCIL/ STEAG/ BHEL/ Tata Power etc. to stakeholders of Indian Power Sector who may seek such expertise. While the recipient member organizations will get the service largely free as a benefit of EEC membership, the donor organizations will be compensated by EEC for their services thereby generating business opportunities for the leading Indian Power Sector organizations.
  • Organizing an EEC Conference on annual basis with Key note address by Ministers & Policy Makers, Economists, Visionaries and Technical Experts from Indian and international Power Sector, followed by presentation and discussion Sessions on key issues and challenges facing the Indian Power Sector.
  • Conducting 4-5 workshops every year on relevant topics of interest to EEC Members / Power Utilities.
  • Conducting 4-5 training programs every year on operational & maintenance issues of Indian Power Sector.
  • Facilitating Knowledge Exchange through “Technical Discussion Forum” on EEC Website.
  • Facilitating Technical Advice / Consultancy services from VGB Germany or other Foreign Organizations to Indian Power Sector member organizations for whichEEC will bear part of the costs as a benefi t of EEC membership - subject to conditions.
  • Facilitating Knowledge Exchange between German/European power Sector and Indian Power Sector.
  • Taking up Technical studies for the Indian Power Sector with the association of VGB Germany or other foreign organizations.
  • Creating an Archive of Best Practices, Reference Guidelines, Technical and Operational Studies, Case Studies and Solutions which shall be available for purchase in hard & soft copies. Already EEC has Best Practices for Coal Based Power Plants in Germany and 22 Guidelines in its Library which are available to Member organizations for reference and consultation.

The centre brings national and international power sector experts to a common platform which provides valuable technical inputs towards improvement of efficiency & reliability in power generation, transmission and distribution. The EEC creates capacity building in the country in the area of best practices being followed for efficient operation of thermal & hydro power generating units and in transmission and distribution sector besides latest technological developments in the field.