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Webinar on "Pumped Storage Hydro Plant" on December 15, 2021

15-12-2021 | View Gallery

Excellence Enhancement Centre (EEC) For Indian Power Sector (An Initiative of Indo German Energy Cooperation) is organizing a Webinar on “Pumped Storage Hydro Plant” on December 15, 2021 from 15:00 hrs onwards on Microsoft Team. The presentation shall be made by Shri L.P Joshi, General Manager (D&E), THDC

It gives us pleasure to inform all that there is NO PARTICIPATION FEE for the Webinar. The participation is limited to 200 participants on a first come first serve basis due to Microsoft Team platform limitations.

You are requested to send participant’s name, name of organization their mobile No, e-mail address at ceoeecips@gmail.com for enrolling the participants. The link for the Microsoft Team shall be sent to all enrolled participants.

All are requested to avail this opportunity.


Shri L.P.Joshi, General Manager (D&E), THDC, “Pumped Storage Hydro Plant”