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Training on: "Advanced Level Heat-Rate Awareness"

25th - 27th September, 2013

3 days training in cooperation with STEAG Energy Services. This intense training by practitioners for practitioners provides insights into:

  • Impact of design on Performance.
  • Operational efficiency Vs design.
  • Performance degradation 
  • Restoration of performance based on conditioning monitoring
  • Performance testing – Guarantee Vs Routine. 
  • Factors affecting Heat Rate
  • Deviations and its impacts on performance,
  • Improvement in the process monitoring, calibration.
  • Auxiliary power, factors affecting auxiliary power.
  • Sustaining performance.
  • Usage of offline instruments for performance testing
  • Usage of DCS based performance trending for operation and maintenance Engineers
  • Boiler performance testing techniques
  • Turbine performance testing and performance analysis
  • Usage of PADO for Performance Tracking, Diagnostic Analysis

At the end of the program participants will be able to:

  • Differentiate controllable and uncontrollable losses.
  • List key performance parameters in Heat Rate management
  • State factors responsible for Heat Rate degradation
  • Undertake performance review and analysis to capture performance degradation impacting Heat Rate
  • Explain the Performance Testing techniques of boiler, turbine etc.
  • State the various off line and on line performance tracking and diagnostic tools and associated techniques
  • Specify interventions needed for Heat Rate management on the basis of gap between design and operation parameters



  STEAG Training Centre, 903, Bhikaji Cama Bhawan, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi-110066 

  Program Name  

  Advanced Level Heat-Rate Awareness


  25th September, 2013


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