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Long-term partner of the Indo-German co-operation - VGB (European technical association for power and heat generation)

VGB has supported the vision of an expert platform in the power sector since it was born. Under the Indo-German Energy Forum VGB was part of the core group that developed the concept. Thus VGB supports GIZ with its experiences to bring the EEC into lively operation. A Memorandum of Understanding between VGB and CEA that was signed in 2010 is another important success factor for the successful Indo-German co-operation in the EEC-project 


About VGB

VGB PowerTeche.V. is the European technical association for power and heat generation. The association is based on a voluntary membership of companies active in the field of power and heat generation. Currently 466 companies (operators, manufacturers and other power-related institutions) from 33 countries are members of VGB. They represent an installed capacity of 520,000 MW. The objective of VGB is to promote and optimize the operational safety and environmental compatibility as well as the availability and economy of existing and new built power plants. 

These plants comprise the complete energy conversion chain: thermal, renewable and nuclear power generation. Almost 100 people work in the VGB-association which is located in Essen (Germany). More information is available at: www.vgb.org.


How does VGB support the EEC?

VGB acts as the point of contact to access the German power generation industry and provides detailed information about facts and figures of the energy supply in Germany. This also comprises the co-ordination of the exchange of experiences from the German side. The efforts of the EEC to set up technical guidelines for the Indian power sector will be supported by providing nearly 100 VGB guidelines which reflect the state of the art processes and procedures that are applied in Germany and Europe.

The initiation and support of joint projects and events will also be another aspect of the VGB`s contribution. And last but not least: the EEC secretariat will have training sessions in the VGB offices in Essen (Germany) and therefore get familiar with the daily operation of the German partner.